Amazing Trading Day: Bad For The ECB But Good For Traders

Dear Traders,

What an amazing trading day! While the euro’s rise can be characterized as a bitter pill for the European Central Bank as the market’s reaction was certainly not the sort of movement the ECB may have hoped for, it was a very profitable day for traders. Before getting into the reasons for the euro rally let us look back on a very successful trading day. Short-trader’s efforts paid off after the ECB surprised the market with a drop in the benchmark to zero and we got what we have been looking for: +100 pips. Shortly after reaching our profit target the bearish movement was already exhausted and the euro started its relief rally. As if the profit would have not already been enough, just 90 minutes later our long-entry was triggered and we could watch the euro hitting our higher profit target where we have gained another 100 pips profit. The volatile swings in the EUR/USD allowed even more profit but at some point traders should not be profit-greedy and save the winnings.

The ECB delivered a full stimulus package which can be described as even more aggressive step than everyone has expected. That package included cuts in the deposit and benchmark rates, a pledge to increase the monthly QE purchases to 80 billion euros and four more multi-year lending operations (TLTROs). On top of that, the central bank lowered its GDP and inflation forecasts for 2016 and 2017.

So what was finally the reason for the euro’s later uptrend? ECB President Mario Draghi has made a little faux pas when he told reporters after the meeting that “from today’s perspective, we don’t anticipate it will be necessary to reduce rates further.” In other words there is a limit to monetary easing and the central bank has finished cutting rates further. Draghi’s comments thus considerably outweighed the impact of increased stimulus.


The euro experienced an upside breakout above 1.1070. Given the high volatility and the shift towards a bullish bias the euro could possibly extend its gains towards 1.1245 and 1.13. While we see a current resistance at around 1.13, the next major resistance zone is only at 1.14-1.15. If the pair breaks above 1.1315 a next target is seen at 1.1370 before heeding towards 1.14. However, the bullish move is not a done deal and traders should also bear in mind that the Federal Reserve is likely to maintain its hawkish policy stance – a fact that could strengthen the U.S. dollar in the medium-term. The former resistance at 1.1070 could now act as a support.


The ECB announcement also triggered volatility in other currencies such as the British pound. The pound participated in the euro’s uptrend and moved finally higher against the greenback. If the pair breaks significantly above 1.4315 we could see sterling rallying towards 1.44. Remaining below 1.43 lower targets could be at 1.4180.

We wish you a wonderful weekend!

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