Daily Trading Signals

Daily Forex and DAX Signals: If you are keen to know where we put Take-Profit and Stop-Loss, if we trade on a specific day or not and how we manage open positions, subscribe to our signals. Our trading ideas for today 12/9/23: EUR/USD Long @ 1.0775 Short @ 1.0715 GBP/USD Long @ 1.2560 Short @ […]

Nach U.S. Dollarstärke etwas Erholung für Euro und Pfund?

Die vergangene Woche war durch einen stärkeren US-Dollar aufgrund höherer Treasury-Renditen gekennzeichnet, was sowohl den Euro als auch das britische Pfund nach unten drückte. Aus technischer Sicht haben beide Währungspaare sekundäre Abwärtstrendkanäle ausgebildet, die nun eine gewisse Erleichterung für den Euro und das Pfund Sterling darstellen könnten. EUR/USD Der Euro berührte 1,0686, was der unteren […]

After U.S. Dollar Strength Relief For The Euro And Pound?

The last week was characterized by a strengthening U.S. dollar due to higher Treasury yields, pushing both euro and British pound lower in turn. Looking at the technical picture, both currency pairs formatted secondary downtrend channels which now could be a reason providing some relief for the euro and sterling. EUR/USD The euro touched 1.0686 […]


This week went quite well in terms of trading and although the DAX eliminated some previous profits yesterday, we were able to close our performance on balance positive. Thus, we stand this week +41 pips in EUR/USD, +56 pips in GBP/USD and still +40 points in the DAX in profit. This is enough for us […]

U.S. Dollar Strength To Continue?

The U.S. dollar continued its climb against the euro and British pound which was mainly due to higher Treasury yields. The EUR/USD fell below 1.0760 and extended its tailspin towards 1.07. The area around 1.0660 is seen as a next lower support, whereas on the upside, the 1.0850-70 zone may serve as a resistance for […]

Daily Trading Signals

This week went off to a quiet start with very little movement in the U.S. dollar crosses. Our buy order in the GBP/USD at 1.2630 ended with a small loss of 4 pips. Elsewhere however, in the DAX, we were able to pocket a profit yesterday with a buy order at 15910 and a successful […]