Euro And Pound Soar Amid Low Liquidity

Dear Traders,

The euro and pound sterling have soared to fresh highs amid low trading volumes. The upward movement in both EUR/USD and GBP/USD was not only driven by low liquidity but also by a weakening U.S. dollar. While trading volume was low with most U.S. market participants being offline for the long holiday weekend, we saw some remarkable movement Wednesday providing us profitable trades. There was some dovish tilt in the Fed minutes which contributed to the dollar’s weakness. While a rate increase in December is almost certain, there was some concern that price pressures would fall short of the Fed’s inflation target for longer. Those remarks cooled rate hike expectations for 2018 and drove the dollar lower in turn.

The EUR/USD broke out of its recent downtrend channel and rose towards 1.1840. Whether we will see a follow-through of the recent upward trend remains to be seen but should be viewed with a critical eye. We expect a next resistance to come in at 1.1880, provided that the euro breaks the 1.1840-barrier significantly. However, given the quiet trading conditions we recommend not expecting too much. A current support is seen at 1.1750.

The GBP/USD headed towards the 1.3340-threshold and it will be interesting now whether the cable is able to break the 1.3350-level significantly or bounces back from its highs. Above 1.3360 we expect accelerated bullish momentum towards 1.34 and 1.3450. A near-term support is however seen at 1.3250.

The U.K. GDP report is due for release at 9:30 UTC and could have a major impact on the pound provided that changes are made to the revisions.

Most action is expected to take place during the European trading hours while trading should be quieter afterwards. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our U.S. traders!

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