GBP/USD: 1.36 – A Make-It Or Break-It Level

The best performer on Monday was the British pound which rebounded and provided buyers in the GBP/USD a good gain. It will now be interesting whether the 1.3650-hurdle can be taken out. We will watch out for a break above 1.3670-80 in order to anticipate further gains towards 1.3750 and 1.38. On the downside, a renewed break below 1.3570 could see a continuation of the cable’s steeper decline with a lower target at 1.3350.

The EUR/USD was flat between 1.1640 and 1.16. Buyers should watch out for a renewed break above 1.1630 in order to buy euros towards 1.1670. A break below 1.1580 on the other side could increase chances for accelerated bearish momentum.

The DAX traded choppily between 15180 and 15000. A break below 14950 could see a dip towards 14900 whereas a rise above 15300 may prompt bulls for a test of 15500.

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