Market Remained Unimpressed By FOMC Statement

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The market reaction to the FOMC statement was muted with the U.S. dollar ending the trading day virtually unchanged against the euro and British pound. While the Fed minutes confirmed that the central bank is moving toward tightening it also shows continuing disagreement among policy makers. Last month’s decision to hold interest rates at their current level was a close call with three FOMC members dissenting for a rate rise, the minutes showed. Market participants expect the Fed to move in December and while the market is pricing in the probability of year-end hike, the Fed may consider that move to be inevitable to preserve the central bank’s credibility.

Overall, the dollar remains bid on corrections and investors will be looking for dollar dips to buy the currency and participate on the dollar rally. Consequently, we expect further dollar gains in the medium-term but we will pay attention to potential pullbacks in the short-term.

There are no major economic reports scheduled for release today so trading could be quiet.

Here is where we see current resistance and support levels for both currency pairs:

  Resistances Supports
EUR/USD 1.1050/60







  Resistances Supports
GBP/USD 1.2230




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