No Clarity On The ECB’s QE Program, Next Decision To Be Made In December

Dear Traders,

Mario Draghi refused to provide any clear information on what the ECB plans to do in the coming months, leaving investors suitably disappointed. Neither did he refer to tapering nor to extending the ECB’s QE program. The only takeaway that we got from yesterday’s ECB meeting is to wait and to come back in December and see what the central bank thinks then. Nonetheless, Draghi’s stance could be described as somewhat more “dovish”, noting that there is no “convincing upward trend” in underlying inflation, suggesting that the ECB might announce an extension of its bond buying program, rather than a taper at their policy meeting December 8.

Market participants sent the euro on a roller coaster ride before it ended the trading day significantly lower against the greenback. During the Asian session the euro slightly broke below 1.09 and we now wait for a significant break below 1.0880 in order to sell euros towards the next support level at 1.0820/1.08. Current resistance levels are seen at 1.10 and 1.1050.

There was little consistency in the performance of the British pound yesterday. While the currency remains vulnerable to further losses given the troubled picture of the eventual Brexit negotiations at the EU summit, it remains a sell on rallies. We now focus on a downside break below 1.22 or on the other hand, an upside break above 1.23.

Apart from the EU summit there are no major economic reports scheduled for release today. We recommend not investing your weekly profits today and wish you a wonderful weekend.

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