Profit With The Bulls

Bullish momentum persisted on eased demand for safe havens. The U.S. dollar dropped for the third day against most of its major counterparts. We were able to profit within the ongoing bull run. Beside our day trading signals and based on yesterday’s chances toward a further bullish breakout, we went long in the EUR/USD at 1.0503, as well as long in the GBP/USD at 1.2193. Final take-profits are set at 100 pips but we secured a big portion of both positions this morning.

Next week will be busy with high-profile event risk on the docket.

So, until we are in the starting blocks for next week, we wish you a restful and peaceful 3rd Advent weekend.

Our trading ideas for today 9/12/22:


Long @ 1.0590

Short @ 1.0520


Long @ 1.2280

Short @ 1.2230*

DAX® (GER40)

Long @ 14340

Short @ 14270

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