Profitable Trading Month June And Daily Signals

U.S. dollar bulls were able to profit on the last day of June before gains were reversed towards the end of the trading day. However, our signals performed well last month with the DAX being the main breadwinner. Only yesterday we have almost gained another 100-points-profit in the DAX but unfortunately missed it by a few minutes.

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Daily Forex, DAX And Crypto Signals:

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Long @ 1.0475

Short @ 1.0440


Long @ 1.2165

Short @ 1.2110

DAX® (GER30)

Long @ 12710

Short @ 12640


Long @ 1130

Short @ 1030


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Monthly results 2022:

June 2022: +333 pips

May 2022: +172 pips

April 2022: +111 pips

March 2022: +689 pips

February 2022: +531 pips

January 2022: +766 pips


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