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Dear Traders,

In brief, we got what we were looking for: The ECB delivered a surprise which was initially misinterpreted and we realized a good profit from trading both bullish and bearish breakouts in the EUR/USD.

Let’s quickly analyze what had happened: When the ECB announced that they will wind down quantitative easing from 80 billion euro to 60 billion euro in April 2017, market participants wrongly interpreted the reduced amount as a taper. The euro therefore soared beyond 1.0830 as a first response but quickly retreated from its high at 1.0874 after the market realized that the ultimate stock of ECB bonds instead will be higher. While economists had been looking for asset purchases to continue six months beyond the previous end date, ECB policy makers added another three months of purchasing, boosting its balance sheet to 540 billion euros instead of 480 billion euros. Moreover, ECB president Mario Draghi insisted “that there is no tapering in sight”. This was finally reason enough to sell the euro below 1.07.

In a nutshell, the ECB may have bought some time and nine months of keeping their options open, but looking at the future, cutting to 60 billion euro per month could be a staging post to further cuts and thus, effectively tapering.

Whatever the case, we are looking back at a very profitable trading week, specifically in the EUR/USD. On balance, this week alone we generated a profit of 166 pips by our daily signal alerts and a great gain of 250 pips by our swing signals for the euro. We will therefore not invest our weekly profits today.

Have a wonderful weekend and trade well!

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