U.S. Dollar Halted Loss Ahead Of Midterm Elections

The U.S. dollar halted its recent loss as investors awaited the midterm elections. The potential gridlock in government has been historically good for U.S. stocks.


The euro traded around the parity level and any price breakouts either above 1.01 or below 0.99 will attract our attention. Above 1.01 a higher target will be at 1.0180. Below 0.9870 a lower target will be at 0.98.


As long as the cable remains below 1.16, we favor the downtrend with a next lower target seen at 1.1250. Above 1.1650 however, we will pencil in a higher target at 1.1850.

Our trading ideas for today 8/11/22:


Long @ 1.0040

Short @ 0.9985


Long @ 1.1510

Short @ 1.1460

DAX® (GER40)

Long @ 13560

Short @ 13510

Settings for all trades today: Entries from 8:00 am UTC,  SL 25, TP 40

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