We Are Back

Dear traders, friends and readers of MaiMarFX,

After a long break from sharing our daily market signals and trading ideas with subscribers and traders interested, it is time to come back and provide assistance to all day traders, short-term investors and those who want to become a professional trader in the long-run.

While we used the timeout primarily to spend quality time with our young child, we were also spending much time on the market, trading, analyzing and developing new strategies as well as trading concepts. The good news is that anyone can benefit in the market – no matter if newbie or advanced – it is merely a matter of having a reliable trading plan and a profitable strategy.

Especially in challenging times of the corona virus pandemic and global economy suffering everyone needs to rethink. There are many people who are either out of work or still fear for their jobs as a result of the corona virus lock-down and might need to acquire new skills and find new fields of activity. Generally speaking, it is important for us as human beings to establish and maintain daily routines in which we find ways to spend quality time with our families and loved ones that brings positive elements into a highly regulated everyday life.

The financial market as a daily routine could thus provide a profitable income to spend a beautiful life. However, caution is recommended as it requires a sustained trading approach and risk management. Here we will help traders taking the right approach to become a professional trader in the market.

And last but not least there is one important fact: The more market participants trade a specific strategy the more it affects the market’s fluctuations in favor of that strategy. In short, together we are more powerful.

We will resume our daily signal service on October, 12 and welcome everyone to accompany us on our way.

Best regards,

The MaiMarFX team

New features overview MaiMarFX:

  • Push notifications directly to your phone screen
  • Detailed trade instructions
  • Trading plan
  • Trading journal
  • Daily signals for EUR/USD, GBP/USD and DAX via email
  • Money management, advices and tips for every trading day




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