We are Maite & Marios Krausse, both born in Germany and trade full time in the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) as independent traders.

Our teamwork began in 1998, when we got to know and love each other. 20 years later after having built our careers, our son was born, making us a happy family.

From the very beginning we were inseparable, both privately and professionally. We started to build our future together. Studying Economics at the University of Kiel and the University of Hagen resulted in stand-alone activities in the financial sector in Cyprus.

From an early short, we shared the interest in the stock market and the financial market. Marios bought his first shares at the age of 16.

Since 2010 we have been specializing intensively in the Forex market, here particularly with the two major currency pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

After a baby leave in 2018, we expanded our portfolio by adding the DAX® to our daily trading instruments.

Trading Forex is described as the “Royal-discipline” or pinnacle of the stock exchange trading and one of the greatest challenges for retail and institutional traders. This challenge motivates us to strive for top performances day by day.  It is our aim to master the Forex market as best as possible, being more attentive, analytically focused and providing a profound knowledge and an experienced trading concept (trading plan and profitable strategy).

Like almost every trader we have suffered painful capital losses in the beginning and have subsequently tried various strategies to figure out how one can ‘survive’ in the market, mentally as well as being a profitable trader in the long-run.

For some time now, we have found the right concept: A durable profitable strategy. A reliable trading plan. The right money management. Our mental strength and experience.

Here are some interesting facts about our trading:

  • Our trading signals are continuously optimized in order to get the best out of the market (no robots, no Expert Advisors)
  • Monthly average rate of return: 3 – 5 %
  • Risk-reward ratio per trade: 1,6 – 4
  • Hit ratio per trade: 60 – 70 %
  • Average trades per day: 1- 2 positions per trading instrument/currency pair

We invite you to accompany us on our way. No matter if you are a newbie or advanced trader, our daily signals are suitable for everyone.

Good trades!