We are Maite & Marios Krausse, both born in Germany and trade full time in the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex).

Our teamwork began in 1998, when we got to know and love each other.

Since then we have been inseparable, both privately and professionally. We started to build a future together. Studying Economics at the University of Kiel and the University of Hagen resulted in stand-alone activities in the financial sector in Cyprus.

From an early short, we shared the interest in the stock market and the financial market. Marios bought his first shares at the age of 16.

Since 2010 we have been specializing intensively in the Forex market, here particularly with the two major pairs EUR/USD and GBP/USD.

Cyprus is London Europe’s second largest financial center. We meet to people who have to do something with the finance, whether as an employee or self-employed, almost on a daily basis.

We know how difficult it is to master the Forex market, mentally as well as being profitable. We have, like many others, painful capital losses suffered and know how important proper money management and a good strategy are.

We have developed different profitable strategies which currently gain a monthly profit of 4-20%.

Depending on the market condition all strategies will be continuously optimized in order to gain more profits during good market conditions and to protect the account from high losses in bad market conditions.

We believe that passion and ambition are essential aspects for long-term success. We bring these abilities and share our knowledge and our daily trading signals with Traders interested.

Our mission is to continuously make monthly profits, with a low risk on the account. For investors we are planning on a monthly profit rate of 5-10%.

We bring two characters and many different abilities as a pair, our ongoing experience winning process for the market and resulting innovations are twice as fast as many other traders. We work as a team more efficiently and are mentally strong. This is an important aspect in order to continuously be successful in the stock market.

Good trades!