General Questions

It’s easy and fast, just go to the signals page, select your preferred signal package and enter username, password and your email address. Having filled all fields, check in the Terms of Use box and click on the PayPal checkout logo. You will then be directed automatically to the PayPal checkout page, where you can pay for the service. You will start receiving the daily signal service immediately from the next morning onwards.

You will receive the signals via email every morning from Monday to Friday at around 6:45 am UTC (summertime)/ 7:45 am UTC (wintertime). If you also wish to receive push notifications click on the notifications logo (the red bell logo in the lower right corner) and allow notifications.

Click on the notifications logo (the red bell logo in the lower right corner). You will be asked to allow that we send you notifications, so click allow notifications. There is nothing else you have to do. If there is a new update or notification you will receive that notification directly on your phone or pc screen. Note that in order to see the content of each notification you have to subscribe to our service.

We created the notification feature in order to support traders in the best and most efficient way. As professional day traders we may exit trades earlier than stated in the instructions or may act differently from what we state in the trading plan or instructions. In these special cases, at special risk events or even when we move a stop-loss differently we inform traders through these notifications.

  • You will receive our daily signals and analysis via email every morning from Monday to Friday at around 6:45 am UTC (summertime)/ 7:45 am UTC (wintertime)
  • The signals include Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing-Stop, risk per trade and other helpful advices
  • In the morning email we state all trade results of the previous trading day, so that traders can compare their own results
  • You will have access to our personal trading instructions ‘How to use the signals’, our trading strategy and a daily trading plan
  • We provide valuable tips and insights on how professional traders master the market on a daily basis, which brokers we can recommend and how to maintain a personal trading journal
  • While holding a trade we may send push notifications to inform you about any action we might take, e.g. exit the trade earlier, close out profits etc.
  • German-speaking subscribers will have access to the German translations

We provide detailed instructions for subscribers only. If you are a subscriber please click on the link here which will direct you to the ‘How to use the signals’ page.

We do not offer a free trial because we share with subscribers many years of practical experience in the market and an outstanding body of knowledge which includes a well thought-out and valuable trading concept. The success of the signals is not only based on the entry or exit, but on a weekly trading plan and the right money management.

Trading in the market on a professional basis is a business like any other. You will have to spend some time on it, work hard, be patient and persistent and monitor your business. Bear in mind that success doesn’t come from nothing. In other words, you will have to spend at least some time in the morning, enter signals and monitor your account, as well as control open positions throughout the day. You will need a good internet connection and mobile trading platform to monitor your trades from time to time. When these conditions are met, there is nothing in the way of trading alongside the job.

Yes! We provide a German translation of the daily morning email which is accessible through our website. Furthermore, all instructions and trading plan information are available in German on our website.

Signals & Trading Questions

Yes, it is, whether you are a newbie or advanced trader. Before you start trading you should read our instructions carefully and get used to our trading plan. Then you can start right away and insert the signals as pending orders at 7:00 am UTC (summer)/8:00 am UTC (winter) into your broker’s account. The daily entries are to remain throughout the day and can be used multiple times.

Trading Forex or other securities carries a high level of risk and can cause you to lose substantial sums of money. Before undertaking any trading program, you should consult a qualified financial professional and only invest money which you can afford to lose.

As professional day traders we recommend a minimum trading capital of 5.000 USD, whereby a 10.000 USD trading account (or greater) is more efficient in order to gain a monthly income whilst trading at a low risk. Smaller accounts reduce the income while a high degree of leverage can work against you and blow your account.

Subscribers will have access to our trading plan where we state which brokers we can recommend. If you are a subscriber, go to ‘First steps before we start trading’.

The daily entries are valid from 7:00 am UTC (summer) or 8:00 am UTC (winter).

Subscribers will have access to the detailed signal instructions. If you are a subscriber, go to ‘How to use the signals.

Our signals are valid from 7:00 am UTC until 14:00 pm UTC (summertime) and 8:00 am UTC until 15:00 pm UTC (wintertime). Apart of some exceptions we trade the European trading session.

Subscribers will receive detailed instructions every morning on how to use the specific signal. Some entries may remain throughout the entire session.

Yes and no. We will tell you where to put the stop-loss and take-profit. When also applying a trailing-stop you don’t need to monitor your trade all the time. In other words, if the market moves in favor of our signal, you can use it as set-and-forget type. However, when a trade was stopped out and you need to re-enter the signal, you will have to monitor your trade history and re-enter manually.

We usually provide one Long and one Short signal per currency pair/security per day.

See below the past performances of our Forex signals. Please note that we didn’t provide our signal service in 2019 due to a baby leave.

Total profit in 2018:

EUR/USD: + 909 pips
GBP/USD: + 964 pips

Total profit in 2017:

EUR/USD: + 729 pips
GBP/USD: + 836 pips

Total profit in 2016:

EUR/USD: + 921 pips
GBP/USD: + 2432 pips

Profits in pips between September 2014 and December 2015:

EUR/USD: + 2952 pips
GBP/USD: + 2050 pips

The monthly rate of return is on average 3-5%.

Depending on our specific money management the risk-reward ratio per trade is 1,6-4.

The hit ratio per signal is 60-70 %.

On average we have 1-2 positions per trading instrument/ currency pair per day.

Subscribers will have access to detailed signal instructions. If you are a subscriber, go to ‘How to use the signals.

No, we provide our signals and trades only and exclusively for subscribers.

We publish our daily entries later during the day under the category ‘daily signals’ on our blog, so that traders interested can retrace previous signals.

For the Subscriber

For subscribers we provide detailed instructions on how to use the signals, as well as a daily trading plan and how to maintain a trading journal.

In the upper left corner you will find ‘My Account’ and ‘Log In’ where you can login with your username or email address and your password.

When clicking on the ‘Log In’ field you will find ‘Lost your password’. Click on it and enter your email address in the next step. The server will generate a new password for you.

Click here to be directed to the ‘How to use the signals’ page

See the FAQ section on the ‘How to use the signals’ page

See the FAQ section on the ‘How to use the signals’ page

See the FAQ section on the ‘How to use the signals’ page

Go to “My Account” and make sure that your registered email address is correct. Then check your spam folder in case our email address has been classified as spam. In some cases, there might be also a delay, so please wait a bit before contacting us.

Yes. We can freeze your subscription and you can use it in a different period of time.