Turnaround Tuesday After Monday’s Dollar Rally?

The U.S. dollar climbed against most major peers Monday and provided short traders, at least in the EUR/USD, a good gain. The EUR/USD extended its slide towards 1.20 this morning and as stated in yesterday’s analysis, lower targets might be at 1.1970 and 1.19 now. The GBP/USD finally broke below 1.39 and bears might seek […]

Nachfrage im U.S. Dollar könnte in dieser Woche noch zunehmen

Willkommen allerseits zu einem neuen Trading Monat. Der U.S. Dollar startete die neue Woche etwas tiefer nach der Aufwertung vom Freitag und die Treasury Renditen stabilisierten sich infolge der Rally der letzten Woche. Trader werden womöglich weiterhin ein genaues Auge auf die Verkaufswelle am Anleihemarkt haben mit dem korrespondierenden Anstieg der Renditen. Wir behalten im […]

Demand For U.S. Dollar Could Strengthen in the Days Ahead

Welcome everyone to a new trading month. The U.S. dollar dipped this morning after Friday’s appreciation and Treasury yields stabilized following last week’s rally. Traders will likely continue paying attention to the recent bond selloff and corresponding surge in yields. We bear in mind that if the bond selloff grows more aggressive, the risk sentiment […]

Daily Forex Signals

Daily Forex Signals: If you are keen to know where we put Take-Profit and Stop-Loss, if we trade on a specific day or not and how we manage open positions, subscribe to our signals EUR/USD Long @ 1.2185 Short @ 1.2130 GBP/USD Long @ 1.4040 Short @ 1.3920 DAX® (GER30) Long @ 13790 Short @ […]

Global Selloff: U.S. Dollar Benefits From Yield Rise

And the selloff began. Global bonds experienced an aggressive selloff Thursday that drove steep losses in Treasuries and U.S. stocks. The benchmark Treasury yield spiked to a one-year high and the U.S. dollar in turn benefited from rising yields. Also, the British pound which was already extremely overbought experienced a sharp selloff, succumbing to the […]

Further Bullish Breakouts On The Horizon?

Dear traders, Nothing has fundamentally changed in terms of the technical outlook. GBP/USD: The cable was able to stabilize above 1.41 after a dip below 1.41 proved to be short-lived. A bullish break above 1.4160 could open the door for another leg up towards 1.42 and maybe even 1.4250. However, sentiment could slightly change in […]