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Profitable Trading Month June And Daily Signals

U.S. dollar bulls were able to profit on the last day of June before gains were reversed towards the end of the trading day. However, our signals performed well last month with the DAX being the main breadwinner. Only yesterday we have almost gained another 100-points-profit in the DAX but unfortunately missed it by a […]

Shifting Era – Things Just Won’t Be The Same

Things just won’t be the same – This could be the conclusion of the European Central Bank annual forum in Sintra, Portugal. ECB President Christine Lagarde said that she doesn’t think “that we are going to go back to that environment of low inflation.” Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell explained how forces including globalization, aging […]

Daily Forex, DAX And Crypto Signals 28/6/22

The euro took a glance above 1.0610 but there were no signs of stabilization above that price level, at least not until now. However, remaining above 1.0550 could still see a bullish breakout. The cable bounced off the 1.2330-price area and continued its consolidation mode between 1.23 and 1.22. We will wait and see. Traders […]

Enge Preisspannen

Sowohl der EUR/USD als auch der GBP/USD bewegten sich in den letzten Tagen in einer engen Handelsspanne. Daher gab es keine profitablen Ausbrüche für Trader. Die maue Kursentwicklung könnte sich jedoch bis in die neue Woche hinein fortsetzen, es sei denn, es kommt zu Kursausbrüchen über oder unter die folgenden entscheidenden Kursniveaus, die eine neue […]

Range-Bound Market

Both EUR/USD and GBP/USD have been in range trading mode in recent days. Thus, profitable breakouts were lacking. However, the muted price action could extend into this new week unless we see price breakouts above or below the following crucial price levels which could ignite fresh momentum. EUR/USD: Bullish: Above 1.0610, we pencil in a […]

Consolidations And Big Profits

The EUR/USD slipped below 1.05 but stopped its fall slightly above 1.0480 before consolidating again around 1.0530. If the pair now falls again below 1.0490, we see increased chances for a bearish move back toward 1.04. As stated in yesterday’s chart analysis and with a break above 1.0610, we may see a bull run for […]

Daily Forex And DAX Signals 23/6/22

The tone of Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s remarks at yesterday’s testimony was consistent with his hawkish comments at the last FOMC press conference. Powell warned however that it will be “very challenging” to foster a soft-landing for the economy even if the U.S. economy is very strong to handle tighter monetary policy. While the […]

Powell Testimony And Daily Signals 22/6/22

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is expected to reinforce the commitment to fight inflation when he appears before Congress today at 13:30 UTC. Any hawkish remarks will be bearish for the market. EUR/USD: We will pay tabs on prices above 1.0670 or below 1.0470. Above 1.0670, a higher target is at 1.0750. Below 1.0470, the […]

Powell Testimony In Focus

Welcome to a new trading week after the challenging last one which has cost us some feathers. Many trades have failed to deliver the desired results. However, this week is not such an event-loaden one, which is why we might see more muted trading conditions. As recessionary fears ebb and flow so too will the […]

Bullish Breakout

The British pound experienced a bullish breakout despite the Bank of England which disappointed with a 25bp rate hike move. U.K. inflation is expected to hit as high as 11% later this year. The BoE however signaled that it is prepared to unleash larger moves if needed. Trading the cable was messy yesterday, with an […]