Summerbreak August 15 – 22

Dear Traders,

we are on holiday until Friday, 22 August.

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Forward Guidance

Dear Traders,

defining its up-trend, the Euro climbed until 1.3900 last week. Maybe shortly we will see the 1.4000 level. Consolidations can be expected  until 1.3825 and 1.3750, from where we can find new profitable long entries.

The European Central Bank and the Bank of England have pledged to hold down their interest rate to spur the economy.

ECB president Mario Draghi has pledged to keep borrowing costs “at present or lower levels for an extended period of time”, the so called “Forward Guidance”.

Also the British Pound is trading at its heights. A possible sustainable break over 1.6800 could lead the pair until the level of 1.7000, but if it is not able to break its resistance we expect a drop until 1.6640 and further 1.6500.

The new week starts quiet, do not take too much risk. Trade with a smaller position and let’s see how this week is going on.

As always we wish you many profitable trades and a nice week!

ECB Interest Rate decision & Crimea Crisis

Dear Traders,

we hope you had a good start in March 2014. Yesterdays’ trading was formative by short trends which is due to the current Ukraine Crisis.

On Thursday market strategists will listen to the ECB rate decision, where most economists expect that the ECB won’t lower its current interest rate this week. This expectation is probably priced into lately up trends.

Furthermore there are various important news release on tap this week:

  • Wednesday – Services PMI – GBP, ADP Nonfarm Employment change & ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI –USD
  • Thursday- Interest Rate decision GBP & EUR
  • Friday – Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment rate USD

So, this will be an interesting first week of March.

These are the current resistances and supports of EUR/USD and GBP/USD:


Resistance @ 1.3800/10

Support @ 1.3700/ 1.3655/ 1.3600


Resistance @ 1.6720/60

Support @  1.6630 and 1.6490

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We wish you good trades and many pips!




Fed Chairman Janet Yellen Testimony

Dear Traders,

what’s going on this week?

We will listen to the speeches of Janet Yellen  (Tuesday & Thursday) and Mario Draghi (Wednesday).

Yellen will speak the first time before the U.S. Congress since being chairman of the Federal Reserve. Market strategists expect that she will reinforce the Feds’ steady tapering course.

From the technical point of view we should expect following:


Chart_EUR_USD_Daily_snapshot 10.02.


The Euro is trading in a down-trend channel. We should presume that a drop is very likely.

We go long above the level @1.3660 until 1.3710

We go short below the level @1.3590 until 1.3550/00


Chart_GBP_USD_Daily_snapshot 10.02.

The Cable has a strong support at this level drawn in the picture.

We will look out for long contracts until 1.6500/60. For short contracts we will have our target at the level of 1.6300.

Daily, we update all our signal subscribers with exact entries and Take Profits Levels as well as appropriate money-management.

We wish you many good trades and a beautiful week.


2014 Expectations with the Fed and Janet Yellen

Dear traders,

first of all we wish you a happy, healthy and successfully new year 2014!

We hope you had a good start and feel fit for trading with new energy. So, let’s see what we can expect for the beginning of the year:

Now it is confirmed, Janet Yellen will replace Fed chairman Ben S. Bernanke. She is the first woman to head the central bank in its history.

She is supposed to support for Bernanke’s policies that aims for price stability and long-term growth.

And what’s about the tapering?

The committee of the Fed, scheduled to meet January 28-29, probably will cut its monthly bond purchases in $ 10 billion increments over the next seven meetings. The first step towards the exit is taken last month with a reduction of asset purchases from $ 85 billion to $ 75 billion. This could generally lead to a bullish Dollar and maybe to a main downtrend for the Euro as it showed very bearish the first days of January.


The Euro welcomed the new year with his bearish side. It is still trading on the lower line of its up-trend channel.

Under level 1.3570 we expect more short movement until 1.3485 and 1.3410. Above 1.3700 it may rises until 1.3815.


Let’s take pot luck. We will give you daily entries by our signals.

Good trades and many pips!


The Forex market

The word Forex or FX describes the trading in the Foreign Exchange market (or currency market).

The Forex Market is the largest financial market in the world and turns over  up to  $ 5 trillion per day!

The main participants in the Forex market are larger international banks (central banks and federal governments), followed by insurance companies, hedge funds, other financial firms and last but not least the speculative retail traders all over the world.

Trading currencies was not always available for retail traders:

  • Since 1971, after the Bretton Woods system broke down, the trading with Forex was restricted only to the large companies as banks or large financial institutions.
  • The world finally accepted the use of floating foreign exchange rates during the Jamaica agreement in 1976.

 Since 1996 the speculative retail traders have been able to trade Forex. It was the first generation of forex online trading platform based on the internet.

The forex market is the most liquid financial market in the world and the average daily turnover is continuously growing.

The foreign exchange market is unique because of:

  • its continuous operation – 24 hours a day (except weekends)
  • trading costs are less
  • no market manipulation due to high liquidity
  • the use of leverage to enhance profit and loss margins
  • its geographical dispersion