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The U.S. dollar retreated Tuesday and thus, both EUR/USD and GBP/USD ended the trading day in higher territory.

EUR/USD bounced back from a low at 1.1991 as the European Central Bank scales back the pace of its pandemic emergency purchase program (PEPP) for the third consecutive week. Looking at the daily chart, chances seem to be in favor of the bulls right now with near-term bullish targets being at 1.2185 and 1.2220. For bearish action to accelerate we will need to see a break below 1.1980.

As for GBP/USD trades we also expect the near-term chances being in favor of further bullish price action with a higher target seen at 1.40. If the cable is even able to take out the 1.40-barrier, we see a next bullish target at 1.4040. A support is however seen at around 1.3840.

Daily Forex Signals:

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Long @ 1.2110

Short @ 1.2065


Long @ 1.3990

Short @ 1.3925

DAX® (GER30)

Long @ 14130

Short @ 14010


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