Will Range Trading Continue?

The U.S. dollar has had a mixed few days, struggling to find a clear direction. While inflation remains sticky, leading to a pushback from various Federal Reserve members from the Fed’s projected rate cut path this year, the central is still expected to cut interest rates six times for a total of 150bp. While the inflation picture continues to weigh on the greenback, the dollar is getting a small bid due to troubles in the Red Sea. However, in the environment of growing geopolitical risks, the dollar will have difficulties to make a concerted break.

This week we will have no major market moving data scheduled for release, so amid a potential lack of volatility, traders should prepare for range trading.


The euro traded recently captured between 1.10 and 1.0870. Breakout traders will thus prepare for breaks either above 1.1010 or below 1.0870 and further 1.08. As long as the euro remains above 1.09, the latest uptrend remains intact.


Amid a very uncertain landscape for the pound, the currency trades sideways between 1.28 and 1.26. Sterling bulls will pay attention to a clear break above 1.28 in order to try a run towards 1.29, whereas on the downside, a break of the 1.26-support will be of major importance before the focus shifts to 1.25.


The index is currently taking a break, remaining sideways and providing almost no big moves within the last days. On the topside, the 17000-level remains key for the bulls and a break above that level could lead to a sharp short squeeze. On the downside, traders should watch out for a fall below 16590 which could lead to a decline towards 16400.

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