New Month Starts With NFP

We wish all traders a good and successful start into the month of September. We hope that you were able to recover a little during the summer and have recharged your batteries for trading ; )

Let’s take a look at the technical chart right at the beginning.


After its last high at 1.1275 in July, the euro only gave up against the U.S. dollar. The tailspin was only stopped in August at just 1.0765, the ascending trendline. If the euro remains below 1.1050 and also falls below the 1.08-mark again, we generally expect a drop to 1.05 (red ellipse). On the other side, the few euro bulls are waiting for a renewed breakout above 1.12.


The British pound has also been in a downtrend channel since July. The 200-day EMA was able to stop the fall above 1.2550 for the time being, but as long as the pound trades below 1.2850, it remains vulnerable to further losses.


The index marked a high of 16533 points on July 31. However, this level could not be maintained and so it also went downhill for the German index to 15465. Currently, we see the DAX back in its sideways trading range between 16300 and 15600, which has existed since April of this year. Thus, we have to wait and see.

Today at 12:30 UTC, the U.S. labor market data are due. This news could lead to some volatility in the dollar crosses as usual. We take it leisurely.

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